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Need extra help running your event?
Our Professional Services team of experts is here for you

Give your clients a plan

Your clients are worried about their events, you need to move fast. We can help provide everything from expertise to execution of online events on your behalf for your customers.

Your virtual event department

In as little as 5 days we can spin up a virtual conference for your client. From simple administrative support to full-blown event management, we can provide the expertise, you set the price.

Targeted support delivered fast
We scale based on your needs

  • Migration of speaker information
  • Speaker management
  • Interview recording
  • Live co-pilot for webinars
  • Event mapping
  • Tickets, permissions setup
  • Use of our webinar service accounts
  • Regular client conference calls

Need advice fast?

If you need to offer a service to your clients under your brand, we can provide our services at a discounted rate.
Find a full list of services and price guidelines here.